Warren Care

Warren care is a company that has been established for 16 years now working with the elderly in the community and also individuals with physical and learning disabilities, we have over 600 service users and 300 staff, we used to deliver NVQs as they were know in house but due to massive changes in the organisation three years ago the training department struggled to continue, WarrenCare has been approached by other companies and colleges that have proven to have its disadvantages of working with staff who struggle to find time in full time positions and have family commitments.

Two years ago we were approached by Knowsley Community College who offered full funding for level twos and threes. We were quite clear of the problems we have had in the past and Knowsley Community College agreed they could put together a contract that would suit both the assessors and the learners. Over the two years we have worked with the college I have seen carer workers proud of the qualification they have gained with the college but have also seen the effort and time the assessors have put in. Being an assessor myself I see how this has a positive impact on the candidates learning.

As we have built up our relationship with the college and staff I have found they have took a lot a pressure off the organisation by arranging with staff sign ups and appointments and by keeping up monthly e-mails and meeting, learners progress is very clear and any identified problems are rectified. I hope to work closely with the college over the coming years.

We have just been successful winning a contract on the Wirral so are hoping in the coming months the college will still be able to work with us in ensuring we gain compliance around Health and Social care awards level 2 and 3.

Knowsley Community College is also helping us to develop some of the managers that work in the organisation that will impact on progression in roles and responsibilities improving skills within.