School Liaison

Knowsley Community College recognises the value of working in collaboration with schools, careers advisers, parents/carers and students in order to promote choice and opportunities.

Throughout the year, Knowsley Community College’s School Liaison Team work closely with high schools, sixth forms and colleges across the Northwest region. We provide information, advice and guidance on the progression options available for students, including Apprenticeships, Vocational qualifications, and higher education.

This helps students to make the most informed choice about their progression and future education.

We are available to visit schools throughout the academic year to cover events such as careers fairs, options evenings, workshops and assembly presentations. We also assist many schools with mock interview sessions to help prepare Year 11 students for the world of employment or further education.

College Taster Sessions and Tours

We can help to coordinate fun taster sessions and tours, which are great for allowing students to try out courses and view our fantastic facilities. Taster sessions are a great way to get students thinking about college and help with the initial transition from school to college. It also gives students an understanding of what grades they require and what will be expected of them in college.

If you would like to receive more information, arrange for The School Liaison Team to visit your school or if you would like to book a taster session or tour, please contact Bethan Love on 01744 623343 or email

School Liaison Booklet

Meet The Team

Bethan Love & Rachel Sutton

Picture of Bethan
Picture of Rachel

Bethan and Rachel are responsible for creating partnerships with schools and colleges across the North West with the aim of encouraging students to apply and enrol at Knowsley Community College. They also support a number of other student recruitment activities such as attending and organising events, conducting bespoke College tours and providing transition support.

Lisa Humphreys


Still an active member of the school liaison team but as the manager, Lisa has overall responsibility for the work of the Schools Liaison Team. This includes creating partnerships with schools and colleges across the NorthWest. Lisa also co-ordinates the majority of college events such as attending UCAS conventions, Open Events and Graduation for University Centre Students.

School Liaison Testimonials

“I have worked closely with the School Liaison Team at Knowsley Community College for several years. I cannot praise them enough for all the help and support they have provided to ensure that the students have all the relevant information they need for a smooth transition into post-16 learning. The team works above and beyond what is expected of them. They provide on-site visits for potential students, attend school careers fairs/events, arrange bespoke one-to-one appointments for students with additional needs and
in short, will do whatever they can to help young people find the right place/course for them. Thank you for all the past, present and future support.”

Lil Allan
Career Connect Adviser

“Halewood Academy works closely with the School Liaison Team to provide information, advice and guidance for all of our students. The team will support the academy in any way she can to ensure that all students’ needs are met, whether it be attending Careers Events, PSHE Lessons or assemblies. The team will arrange bespoke taster sessions to give the students a chance to see a day in the life of a college student, as well as sampling courses to see if it is the right pathway for them. This has provided invaluable help for our students’ post-16 transitions, to enable them to make informed decisions about their future.”

Lesley MacCallum
Careers Coordinator
Halewood Academy