Students Perform at Stunning Cathedral with International Choreographer and Actor

Performing Arts students from Knowsley Community College took part in a performance at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral this week, working with renowned choreographer Sitakumari and Gladiator actor, Sir Derek Jacobi.

The performance, which celebrated Indian folklore and aimed to unite cultures and faiths in times of adversity, was part of a touring programme produced by Barrie Osborne, who is most famous for producing the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Sir Derek Jacobi

Such a project required a theatrical back drop with no location better suited than Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral which added drama and fantastic acoustics to the performance.

Carmel Moss, the students’ lecturer explained why KCC students were chosen to perform in this production; ‘The team involved in the performance were impressed by the high levels of creativity and engagement our students had for the project. It was an honour for the college to be asked to be involved in something so memorable’.

The students were asked to perform in February and since then, have been working with students from Liverpool Hope to prepare for this week’s performance.

John McDonough, Extended Diploma student, commented on how all the hard work paid off;

‘Working with university students and internationally acclaimed artists has been a real eye opener and privilege. We only had three workshops before the event so seeing it all come together in the end was very satisfying. Having the opportunity to explore a different dance style has developed my skills further which I can use again in different contexts.’

After the performance, the students were praised by the organisers for being ‘an absolute joy to work with and a big credit to the college’.

KCC Performing Arts Students