Students inspired by Holiday Hunger Project Founder

Sport students recently received a powerful talk from Chris Brown, founder of the Holiday Hunger project.

Chris, a reformed ex-prisoner, now runs a social enterprise café, the Gourmet Social Enterprise, in Bootle. He uses the profits from the café along with funding to provide free meals to children and families who rely on free school meals.

He talks openly about his life experiences, admitting that he got involved in crime purely for greed.

When Chris left prison, he was determined to put all of his energy back into the community and city he loves. He now helps deliver over 500 hot meals a day across Liverpool, through the Holiday Hunger project.

Chris visited students to talk about the importance of making the right choices, and avoiding temptation. He also talked about the importance of setting goals and being accountable for your own actions.

Chris has turned his life around since leaving prison and has helped thousands of families across Liverpool from going hungry during the holiday periods.

He said: “I will do everything in my power to help, and to keep our vital Holiday Hunger scheme going for as long as it’s needed. In the meantime, in these tough times, our city is pulling together, showing its community spirit and its amazing resilience.”

Sport Tutor, Rachel, commented on the session saying: “The students all gave positive feedback at the end of the session and were all so engaged and focused. It was a really powerful session and great to hear from Chris and how he has turned his life around.”