Student in the line-up for TV’s Britain’s Next Top Model

Jenna McMahon, 19 from Liverpool, has recently been announced as one of the 12 hopefuls to become Britain’s Next Top Model.

Jenna, a Knowsley Community College and Shelagh Elliot Clarke Performing Arts student, lives in Liverpool and currently works part time in a shoe shop as a sales assistant. She, along with 11 other ladies from across the UK, have been whittled down from thousands of applicants will be competing each week for the modelling contract of a lifetime.

Jenna’s tutor, Suzanne Sharkey, has said; ‘Jenna has trained at Shelagh Elliott Clarke from the age of two, and is an excellent student who is beautiful both inside and out. We are extremely proud of her; she has managed both appearing on the show and successfully completing her HND course at the same time.’

The popular TV show will see the contestants face different industry challenges, with one model being eliminated each week. Jenna says that her passion for dance and her technical Ballet background will help her in the competition; she explains; ‘On a catwalk you need poise and elegance; I have learnt all of this from a young age through ballet.’ She says dance also helped her grow in confidence, which she can now show on the catwalk.

Britain’s Next Top Model is on Lifestyle, Thursdays at 9pm.