Special Effects Artist Visits KCC

Beauty students kicked off the new year and new term with a visit from Andy Savage, Special Effects Artist, specialising in prosthetics. Andy has worked with the likes of 20th Century Fox and most recently Hollyoaks, creating all things gory and gruesome.

Bringing along some of his life-like creations for a demonstration, Andy first gave a talk on the processes of successful prosthetic creation and application with insider tips of the best products on the market. Andy stressed the importance of having good quality tools in your kit for sculpting, having reliable source material and encouraged the students to do their own research when creating a look.

During the visit Andy produced a mould in real time, using it to create a zombie bite prosthetic before applying it to tutor Kathryn’s arm and adding special effects make-up for a realistic bloody bite. Students were encouraged to ask questions and take pictures throughout for their course journals before having a go themselves.

Prosthetic Creation - Andy Savage


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