National Apprenticeship Week Roundup 2017

There has been lots of activity for National Apprenticeship Week 2017 at Knowsley Community College. We have enjoyed busting apprenticeship myths and getting the truth about apprenticeships out to learners and employers. We also focused on our own apprentices and let them speak about their experience of earning and learning at KCC.

Apprenticeship Mythbusters

People’s perception of apprenticeships is often not true and outdated. We wanted to focus on some of the common misperceptions around apprenticeships and set the record straight for National Apprenticeship Week 2017.

Apprenticeship Week MythBusters 2017 Apprenticeship Myth 5 Apprenticeship Myth 2 Apprenticeship Myth 1

Apprentice Spotlight

We spoke to some of our apprentices here at KCC about their roles within the college, the advantages of taking on an apprenticeship and their next steps, focusing on a different apprentice each day of National Apprenticeship Week and really letting them have their say.

KCC Apprentice - Jack Foy KCC Apprentice - Lily KCC Apprentice - Bethan Love KCC Apprentice - Georgina

KCC and the Northern Logistics Academy are working with leading retailer Matalan to deliver a range of apprenticeships locally in Kirkby – covering logistics-focused roles such as warehousing.

NAW Featured Industry: Logistics

Apprentice Spotlight: IAMT

Ryan Lawton: Apprentice in Engineering (Improving Operational Performance) L2

The college is convenient to get to and has great equipment for real work experience

Ryan Lawton: IAMT Apprentice