Media Make-up Students Visit Emmerdale Set

On Monday Level 3 Media Make-up students were treated to a day at the set of Emmerdale. Three lucky students were chosen to go along with tutor Kathryn Burns to the set of the soap to get a glimpse into the life of a television make-up artist.

Public Liaison for Emmerdale, Allison Piggott, welcomed the students with a tour of the sets before Lead Make-up Artist, Jessica Taylor, gave them an in-depth look into her job. Jessica showed the students some tips and tricks from the trade including the importance of continuity when filming scenes at different times, and the wide range of skills needed to complete an overall ‘look’ on a character. The students also learned how crucial attention to detail and adaptability is in media makeup on television with the introduction of HD filming – especially in Special Effects, where bruises, blood and gore have to look realistic and remain inoffensive.

The students said it was amazing to get first-hand experience of a working set, including watching the actors film some scenes, and get a glimpse into the dedication and hard-work of a future career route.

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