Knowsley Residents Celebrate ‘Keeping Up With the Grandchildren’

A group of Knowsley learners are celebrating after successfully completing recognised qualifications in English, Maths and Computing, through both the charity Torrington Drive Community Association (TDCA) and Knowsley Community College.

TDCA are a Halewood based charity that have been operating for over 30 years, providing locally based opportunities for local residents. Knowsley Community College have been working in partnership with TDCA for over two years, following an initial computer course pilot “keeping up with the grandchildren”, which was focused on reaching the older members of the community who would be digitally excluded.

The pilot was a success, encouraging ten older members of the community to become digitally aware, despite many of these residents had never used a computer before. The group then went on to achieve recognised qualifications in English, Maths and Computing.

During the partnership between KCC and TDCA over the past two years, work has continued to provide locally based courses to meet the needs of residents; Knowsley Community College now offers two sessions at New Hutte Neighbourhood Centre in Halewood every Wednesday.

Tina Pomphrett, TDCA Development Officer, commented – “our partnership with Knowsley Community College has been invaluable for our residents; we have been able to demonstrate that when residents face barriers to further education and digital exclusion, there is locally based solutions that require creative partnership working.”

Kevin Sutherland, Head of Faculty, said; ‘We are proud to partner with a charity that has exactly the same aims as we do – to provide excellent, accessible education to all of the Knowsley area.’

Knowsley Residents Computer Skills