Knowsley Business Thrives Thanks to Apprenticeships

Rod Wah, Managing Director of Beverston Engineering Ltd, is a passionate advocate for apprenticeships. After all, he did begin his career as an apprentice. As a business owner over the last 37 years, Rod has employed numerous apprentices and to an extent, Beverston Engineering’s skilled workforce has been developed through apprenticeships.

Rod explains, “There have been very few apprentices over the years that have not worked out for us. The majority of our apprentices have proven to be more versatile and a better fit for our business, as we get to train them in how we would like them to work.”

He adds, “Unfortunately, apprenticeships in the past, have been perceived as a suitable pathway for those kids who are not bright enough to go to university but not anymore. Apprenticeships are not an easy route and expectations should be high, with the reward of a great career in engineering on offer. I want apprentices to be able to solve problems.”

Andy Timson, pictured with Rod

Andy Timson (pictured) was Rod’s first employee and apprentice. Andy is still working at Beverston today.

Originally based on the Rainford Industrial Estate in St Helens, Rod moved the business to Knowsley Business Park in 2010. With a mix of apprentices and experienced recruits, Beverston grew from 30 staff back in 2010 to 60 today, of which two apprentices are currently studying at St Helens College.

This is a business success story. Rod can plot success over the years through a series of critical events, and contracts that have helped the business grow, alongside a fantastic reputation for high quality work. One such contract came in 2007 for the supply of components directly to Rolls Royce for their Trent engines.

Beverston are just one of many employers that we have forged strong relationships with over the years. St Helens and Knowsley Community College recognises Beverston as an industry leader, who help nurture students to bring out the best of their abilities. They have always proved very supportive of the College’s apprenticeship programmes and are very visible locally.

Knowsley Community College are proud to have been able to supply them with a pipeline of talented apprentices that meet their needs.

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