KCC Student Works with Charity to Help Syrian Refugees

A student from Knowsley Community College has been selected by charity, Bosco Society, to work on a 12 month project to help Syrian refugee family.

Lindsey Mawdsley, who is currently studying Health and Social Care at Level 3, was selected as a Case Worker for the charity’s project after working for Bosco Society as part of her work placement, during which she has been involved in raising drug and alcohol awareness, safeguarding and AIDS education.

The project aims to help a family who has travelled from Syria’s refugee camps to the UK with medical care, schooling, counselling and everyday activities such as using their household appliances and food shopping.

Lindseys tutor, Julie Lawson, said of the project; ‘Placements like these provide an insight into the range of different projects that a student might work on in health and social care.’

Lyndsey has already settled a family into a community and is still providing regular support. She will be working with another family in April. As part of this role she has introduced the family to community groups who are in the same situation.

The whole experience has made Lyndsey aware of the difficulties and tragedies these families go through and has shared her experiences with her college group.