Colours of the World descends on Knowsley Community College

Colours of the World recently descended on Knowsley Community College, a fun and insightful event which celebrates equality and diversity.

In its very first year, the event brought together staff and students from all curriculum areas, to produce exhibitions showcasing a variety of cultures from across the globe, including; Mexico, Greece, Jamaica, Italy, and South Korea.

The atmosphere around the College was infectious, bringing a fierce sense of competition to the air, with each curriculum area striving to get their hands on the ‘Best Exhibition Stand’ award.

The effort from everyone involved was outstanding, with such an interesting array of displays and activities, which included; cuisine tasting, cultural dancing, handmade landmarks, language tasters, walks through history, famous faces from across continents and plenty more.

Our Supported Learning department was delighted to be crowned the winners of the event with their creative display of Italy, which included a handmade gondola.

In second place was our Hair, Beauty, and Catering department, displaying Jamaica, with staff and students creating an intricate hand painted picture of Bob Marley, a mini beach and traditional Jamaican food and decorations. Third place was awarded to Directions, who facilitated an insightful walk through Greek history with a visit from the God of the Sea, Poseidon.

Jeanine Williams, Safeguarding and Wellbeing Manager, said, “The Colours of the World event brings out the true meaning of teamwork for everyone involved in making the event a great success. Every student’s effort is hugely important as it enables them to develop various personal, social and life skills throughout the preparation process and during the day of the event.”

She further added, “All of our students thoroughly enjoyed their participation and are extremely proud of their efforts, as are the staff within the department. A huge well done to everyone!”

Colours of The World 2019