College celebrates outstanding 99% GCSE English and Maths pass rate

College celebrates outstanding 99% GCSE English and Maths pass rate

Knowsley Community College and St Helens College is celebrating the success of its GCSE English and maths students, with a 99% overall pass rate for both subjects.

Over 900 students achieved high grades with 50% of GCSE English students and 40% of GCSE Maths students achieving grades 9-4 (A*-C).

Picture of our student Vy


Vy has achieved an impressive grade 9 for GCSE English and a grade 8 for GCSE Maths.

She said: “I was totally at a loss for words and was overwhelmingly contented when I found out that I had achieved the highest grade in English language, despite being a non-native English speaker.

“GCSEs have provided me with my first formal UK academic qualifications and the fundamental knowledge of particular subjects of interest before I head to challenge myself in any further stages of education.”

Vy hopes to continue with her education to pursue a career as a Chartered Chemical Engineer and credits her tutors, Jerry and Claire, saying: “They would doubtlessly go an extra mile to ensure students would receive all the assistance they needed to secure their desired grades.”

Picture of our student Tom


Learning Support Assistant, Tom is thrilled to be a step closer to his career as a Special Educational Needs Teacher after achieving a grade 5 in GCSE Maths.

Tom said: “I was very nervous and apprehensive before opening them as I knew that within this email was my ticket to progress on to the next step of my career.

“Before opening my results I took a deep breath and said to myself “what will be will be”, and when I saw that I was awarded a grade 5, I immediately burst into tears with happiness.”

Tom is looking forward to starting a GCSE Science course which will allow him to study for a PGDE with QTS in Special Educational Needs.

Tom said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Knowsley Community College. The maths knowledge and skills that I have gained, allow me to be the practitioner I am today. I’ve had the opportunity to meet new friends and experience high-quality teaching with amazing staff who are dedicated and want to see their students’ progress and grow.”

He added: “I would like to thank Keith Lockley from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and helping to restore my confidence again. Thank you for your amazing support and your amazing lessons. You have truly been amazing Keith. I cannot thank you enough.”

Picture of our student Sharron


Sharron is progressing on to an Access to Humanities course after achieving an outstanding grade 9 in GCSE English.

She said: “When I got my results, I was absolutely thrilled. It was a lot higher than expected and I was overjoyed.”

Sharon hopes to continue with her education and study for a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

Sharon added: “The course was excellent, and I’ve learned so much. I would recommend this to anyone, even mature students. It is amazing what you can achieve and it’s never too late to learn.”

Picture of our student Jacob


Jacob enrolled on both GCSE English and Maths to improve his results and has achieved an impressive grade 9 and 7, all while completing a degree with The Open University.

Jacob said: “It is such a good feeling to see all of the hard work you put in come to fruition. Words cannot describe how happy I am with my results.”

He hopes to use his new grades along with his degree in engineering, Energy and Sustainability, to gain a new position in the industry or academia.

Jacob credits his tutors Darren Arnold for English and John Mehers for maths for their support and going the extra mile to help him achieve his goals.

“There is a lot of truth in the statement – ‘work hard and you will achieve success’,” he added. “I put in 100% effort alongside completing my final year in university and I can absolutely confirm that all goals are achievable with excellent planning, hard work and preparation.”

Picture of our student Samantha


Samantha is progressing on to Edge Hill University to study for a BSc in Operating Department Practice in September, after achieving a grade 5 in GCSE Maths.

Samantha said: “I was really happy with my grade; it didn’t seem real. The course has given me a massive confidence boost as maths was not my strongest subject. It’s taught me if you want something enough, you can make it happen. I will be starting university in September and the grade has given me that opportunity.”

Samantha enrolled on the GCSE course as she knew she wanted to study at university.

She added: “I studied hard and put the time and effort in which has now paid off. I can now progress on to university and make my dream come true.”

Picture of our student Jessica


Jessica is celebrating after achieving a grade 4 in GCSE Maths and is now hoping to progress on to an apprenticeship.

She said: “I’m really happy that all of my hard work has paid off and I finally have a result that I’m proud of. The course has helped me to gain confidence in my maths, sharpen the skills that I struggled with and gain new ones that I lacked.

“I am so thankful for all of the help I received throughout the course and want to say thank you to the College and my tutors.”