College celebrates 100% GCSE English and Maths pass rate

College celebrates 100% GCSE English and Maths pass rate

St Helens College and Knowsley Community College is celebrating the success of its GCSE English and maths students, with a 100% overall pass rate for both subjects.

Picture of our student Uchechi


Congratulations to Aspiring Nurse, Uchechi, who achieved a grade 4 in her GCSE maths!

Uchechi is currently studying Applied Science with us and is hoping to progress to university following the completion of her course.

Speaking about her results she said, “I am really pleased with my grade, this was my first attempt at taking maths and I really wanted to test my ability to see what I could achieve. I am very ambitious so would like to try and achieve a higher grade in the future.”

She added, “My tutors were so lovely, and I always got the support I needed”.

Picture of our student Nimotalah


Congratulations to Health and Social Care student, Nimotalah, who is celebrating a grade 4 in her English GCSE results!

Speaking to a delighted Nimotalah, she said “I am so happy with my results, I have finally achieved what I need to progress further in my education and later take me to university to pursue my goal of becoming a Nurse.”

Crediting her tutor, she added, “Martin was so motivational, he always encouraged us and gave us the push when we needed it”.

Well done Nimotalah, we are so proud of you!

Picture of our student Nathan


Electrical Installation student, Nathan, is thrilled after achieving a grade 4 in his maths results this morning.

Nathan said, “I am so happy I have achieved my maths GCSE, this means I can now focus on gaining an apprenticeship in the summer once I have completed my level 2 qualification”.

Picture of our student Mgcini


Health and Social Care student, Mgcini is celebrating a grade 5 in his maths GCSE!

Mgcini is currently on the first year of his course and once he completes next year, has hopes of going to university in order to achieve his dream career of becoming a doctor.

Speaking about his results he said, “I am so pleased that I have passed especially with a grade 5. All the hard work paid off, and I can now focus on my future goals. I love to help people so becoming a doctor is my dream!”

Picture of our student Christopher


A huge well done to GCSE maths student, Christopher who achieved a grade 5 in his maths results!

Christopher joined the course for his own personal and professional development and is looking forward to continuing his studies with us in September on the HND in Business Management at University Centre St Helens.

A fantastic achievement, we look forward to seeing your progression with us!

Picture of our students, Grace and Ikimat

Grace and Ikimat

College friends, Grace and Ikimat both achieved a grade 4 in their GCSE maths results and are now looking forward to progressing on to the next level of their Health and Social Care course together.

Former Broughton Hall student, Grace, said, “Now I have gained my maths GCSE I can put all my focus and energy into my Health and Social Care studies. My mum works in the health sector and she inspired me to follow a similar career path”.

Ikimat who joined us from Holly Lodge, said, “It has been great having each other on the course to support and motivate each other along the way. Once I finish College, I hope to secure a place at John Moores University to study Midwifery”.

Picture of our students, Adebola and Raodat

Raodat and Adebola

Congratulations to inspiring Mother and Daughter Duo, Raodat and Adebola, who collected their GCSE maths results together. The pair studied their maths GCSEs together and were delighted with their results! Roadat achieving a grade 4 and Adebola a grade 5.

The pair are continuing their GCSE English studies, and following their results in the summer, they hope to progress on to University in September.

Roadat has hopes of progressing into a career in Event Planning and Adebola hopes to become a Nurse.

Both had a lot of praise for their tutor Amy, saying “Our tutor Amy was so lovely! The course was very interesting and difficult at times, but she took her time with us and was very supportive of each student”.