Celebrate Shrove Tuesday by turning out perfect fluffy American pancakes


Serves 12

  • 200 g – Plain flour
  • 12 g – Baking powder
  • 20 g – Milk powder
  • 6 g – Salt
  • 30 g – Sugar
  • 100 g – Eggs, about 2 whole
  • 240 g – Whole milk
  • 60 g – Butter, melted


1. Mix the Plain flour, baking powder, milk powder, salt and sugar in a bowl then sieve to fully incorporate the dry mix.

2. Mix in the eggs and milk and whisk until smooth.

3. Then mix in the melted butter and whisk until fully incorporated and STOP!! So you don’t over mix and stretch the gluten.

Pancake Mix

4. Heat a medium frying pan until just hot, add a little oil and pour in the mix.

Heat Frying Pan

5. Wait until bubbles appear in the mix in the pan then turn and cook further until completely cooked. – Golden brown.

Frying Pancakes

6. Serve