Breaking the Mould on Apprenticeships!

Science Apprentice, Jake, is breaking the mould on outdated apprenticeship stereotypes, after unlocking a fantastic career opportunity in a diverse and exciting science role with Riverdale Global.

The newly qualified apprentice studied the level 3 BTEC Diploma in Applied Science at St Helens College, before securing an innovative apprenticeship as a Science Manufacturing Technician with Riverdale Global – a growing business, specialising in liquid colour management for plastics.

With apprenticeships now more varied than ever, Jake’s unique apprenticeship saw him surpass the myths of a ‘traditional’ apprenticeship job role, offering him the chance to grow his career in a fast, expanding field of work.

His day-to-day role saw him turn his hand to a range of specialities, including liquid colour pigments, ingredients and equipment, tailored to client requirements and product types.
Speaking to Jake about his role as an apprentice he explained, “As an apprentice I was responsible for the preparation of paint, ready for distribution. This involved everything from working with ingredient lists, checking colour pigments and dosages, whilst carrying out thorough tests on the liquid colour once created.”

Jake found his time at St Helens College extremely helpful and relevant when undertaking his new role and went on to say, “My tutors at College were great at making our lessons relevant to us, despite a lot of us being from different backgrounds within science. I particularly enjoyed learning about science behind paint testing, which for me was valuable knowledge that I could incorporate into my role at Riverdale.”

Now qualified, Jake has secured full-time employment with Riverdale Global and has the opportunity to travel across the country working with large clients, including the likes of Nissan, Stanley Tools and Voss water bottles.

Looking to the future, Jake is excited to continue his growth with the company and hopes to specialise in the equipment side of the business.

Speaking about the advantages of his apprenticeship, Jake said, “An apprenticeship has definitely put me at a great advantage in my career. It gave me the chance to build my confidence, whilst growing my experience in a field that I was eager to work in. I got to build up my relationships with real customers and clients, which I wouldn’t have had through other study routes.”
Follow in Jake’s footsteps and discover an exciting new career with an apprenticeship!