Art End of Year Exhibition

Knowsley Community College hosted Arts end of year exhibition on 16th June, with student Lewis Webster leading the way on planning and promotion of the event. The exhibition was based around the idea of the creative industries being ‘A Reason To…’ and showcased work ranging from Level 2 to Foundation Level. Foundation students covered a range of disciplines including photography, graphics, fine art and illustration.

Student Lisa Clarke wanted to raise awareness on the subject of homelessness, exploring how people reacted to the subject through her conceptual piece while Janine Bonganciso created culturally inspired hanging scrolls, depicting expressive drawings of Liverpool and London in a palette inspired by Asian artwork.

A reason to - Art End of Year Show 2017

Bryony Sampson produced 3D fine art sculptures using her own personality traits and identity to express the theme of nature versus nurture and in effect creating self-portrait through sculpture.  Lewis Webster produced graphic design imagery including t-shirts, posters, flyers and bags in order to rebrand the Art & Design department and breathe a new imaginative and original identity into the creative faculty.

Visitors, family and colleagues were welcomed to the exhibition with cupcakes and wine, enjoying acoustic sets from KCC’s own music students.

A reason to - KCC End of Year Art Show

Students involved were; Abigail Berry, Amanda Stewart, Dominik Jaroszynski, Emily Malone Pearson, Kelsey Irving, Carle Armstrong, Kenny Kean, Emily Best, Steven Holt, Peter Cadman, Lucy Yeung, Hayley Mundle, Chloe Nelson, Lisa Clarke, Janine Bonganciso, Bryony Sampson & Lewis Webster.

Check out pictures from the exhibit over on our Facebook.

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