Art and Design Students Exhibit Talent at Huyton Library Showcase

In an inspiring display of creativity and talent, our Level 3 Extended Art and Design students recently showcased their artwork at Huyton Library.

The week-long exhibition, which was open to the public, offered a diverse range of pieces from our young artists, with a range of print and paint artwork in response to the projects ‘See’ and ‘Magic Gardens’ they have been working on.

The students exhibited work represented a variety of artistic styles and underlying themes including, colour, perspective, expression, pets, marine life, and architecture.

The event not only provided students with a platform to present their work, but also encouraged community engagement with the arts.

Art and Design tutor, Leanne said:” The students worked hard on their pieces for their projects, and this was a great opportunity for them to build their confidence and display their work with pride. Showcasing their talents in such venues brings to light their skills and strengths in a genuine, authentic way.”

All students have recently completed their university application process and hope to continue developing their artistic talents at HE level.

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