Apprentice Pioneers Parts for Rolls Royce Aerospace

20-year-old Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, Oliver, fired up his career with esteemed engineering company, Beverston Engineering, after securing an impressive Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship.

Oliver’s apprenticeship journey began while he was studying his Level 2 Mechanical Engineering qualification at Knowsley Community College. As his qualification neared completion, his tutor put him in contact with Engineering Assessor, Bernie, who told him about the opportunity to undertake a level 3 Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship with Beverston Engineering.

As part of his apprenticeship, Oliver remained at College for one day a week, developing his knowledge whilst working towards his level 3 qualification, spending the remaining four days a week, gaining on-the-job experience at Beverston Engineering.

Beverston Engineering, based in Knowsley, is a world-class manufacturer, which specialises in the prototyping and manufacture of state-of-the-art engineering components for a wide range of sectors, such as aerospace, oil and gas and pharmaceutical.

Now in the fourth year of his apprenticeship, Oliver said, “I have loved every minute of my apprenticeship. I always knew the university route wasn’t for me. Not only did I not want the student debt at the end of my qualification but I also knew that I would gain more skills from an apprenticeship.”

He added, “My interest in engineering started with Formula 1; I am a big fan of the sport and have always loved watching it and researching the technology behind how the cars are made. That’s what inspired me to pursue a career in the industry.”

In his role as Mechanical Engineer Apprentice, Oliver makes components for aerospace machinery for Rolls Royce. Safety and accuracy form a critical requirement of the components manufactured.

Speaking about his apprenticeship Oliver said, “I work on various high performance Mazak machinery across the workshop, manufacturing Rolls Royce engine components. I am responsible for making sure each high precision part is accurate to within a 1000th of a millimetre.”

He added, “My apprenticeship has provided me with invaluable work experience. I don’t just sit and learn in a classroom, I get to actually make products for a world leading and pioneering aerospace company.”

Managing Director at Beverston Engineering, Rod Wah, said, “Our apprentices have proven to be more versatile and a better fit for our business, as we get to train them in how we would like them to work. Apprentices end up being our best employees. Oliver has excelled in the work environment and the knowledge and skills he has developed both through his time at College and in the workplace, paves the way for continued employment and career development that is mutually beneficial for both Oliver and the company.”

Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Oliver will begin a full-time role at Beverston, which he has already successfully secured through his attitude and dedication to his apprenticeship.