The Supported Internship Programme is a partnership between Knowsley Community College and Knowsley Council, aimed at giving young people (aged 16-25) with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, which could lead to future employment or voluntary work.

The programme starts in September and runs over one academic year, giving our interns the chance to experience a work placement throughout the year, supported by their job coach. Each intern will attend a weekly work placement, gaining valuable skills and experience, as well as attending college one day a week, developing their employability and independence skills with their Job Coach and Employability Tutor.

The success of the Supported Internship programme is supported by a strong partnership approach between both the young person, their family and the organisation working with the intern.


Video produced by our Level 3 Creative Media students.

Job Matching

Vocational Profiling will focus on the intern’s preferences of placement, taking into consideration any past experiences of paid or voluntary work. We will take into account students’ strengths and abilities in order for the student to make a positive contribution in the workplace. We also accommodate the students’ support needs within the working environment, ensuring these are met for all internships.

The Mentor Role

Each intern will be assigned a Mentor in the work place. The intern’s Mentor will be the first point of contact in the workplace, offering any help or support they may need.

The Mentor will help the intern to learn and understand their job role. If needed, they will meet the intern on arrival each morning and explain their daily tasks and duties. As the role progresses and the interns get to know their role, this support may become less intensive, and may no longer be required.

The Mentor will work closely with the Job Coach and Employability Tutor to identify any areas of support that the intern may need assistance with in the work place.

The Benefits of Internships

  • The interns will develop confidence in their own abilities
  • Develop new skills
  • Demonstrate their value in the workplace
  • Change Employers’ perceptions
  • Change families’ perceptions
  • Feel valued and part of the community
  • Increased Health and Wellbeing
  • Can result in paid employment – financial independence
  • Gain friends and a social life
  • Improved skills in English and maths – better prepared for work
  • Build up experience for a CV

How to apply?

For more information or to apply, please get in touch with the team

Supported Internship Co-Ordinator