Inclusive Learning Curriculum Intent

We want our students to be able to be fully engaged in their own choices, possessing the ability to make informed and safe decisions about their future steps into independent living or work, as well as becoming active and productive members of the local and wider community.

During their time at the College students have the opportunity to develop their work skills including communication and teamwork along with life skills such as money management, cookery and safe travel.

They will follow an individualised programme of study made up of component parts including maths, English, Open Awards qualifications, interventions and work experience designed to meet their EHCP outcomes and their identified individual development.

Students will leave us with skills for life and an understanding of the importance of their physical and mental wellbeing. They will choose their pathway depending on their own goals for the future – Life Skills Pathway, Work Skills Pathway.

Inclusive Learning intention statements

  • All students will experience a broad and balanced curriculum that will support them in preparing for adulthood
  • All students will follow a personalised programme made up of component parts which supports their individual development and EHCP outcomes.
  • All students will follow a pathway that is matched to support their future goals – Life Skill or Work Skills.