Collecting your GCSE results from school can be a nerve-racking experience. Yes, your GCSE results are important but don’t forget there are so many people around you to support you through the day and to offer advice; parents, friends, school teachers and college careers and guidance teams!

To help you prepare, we’ve put together a guide:

  • You are not alone
    Remember that thousands of young people across the country are in the same boat as you, including your friends. You’re not alone! Talk to them about any worries that you may have and maybe organise something fun to do afterwards.
  • Be open
    Be open with your parent(s) about your results. They’re here to help!
  • Be fully prepared
    Confirm what time you are able to pick up your results and make arrangements for how you are going to get there.
  • Be comfortable
    Sometimes the thought of opening your results in front of others can cause the most anxiety about the day but you don’t have to worry! You know your school inside and out, so picture a quiet area and decide whether you’d prefer to open them alone, with your parent(s) or with a group of friends.
  • Handy resources
    Make sure you take your phone, a pen and a calculator with you. This may come in handy on the day.

Once you have collected your results from school, don’t forget to secure your place at Knowsley Community College ready for this September. It doesn’t matter whether you have already applied to study with us or not, come along to one of our enrolment events:

Enrolment 22nd August 2019
Enrolment 23rd August 2019
Enrolment 27th August 2019
Enrolment 28th August 2019

Good luck with your GCSE results, we are sure that all of your hard work will have paid off, but do not worry if your results are not what you had hoped for. Still come along to enrolment so that we can go through your options with you – we will always make sure that there is a course suitable for you.