Deciding which career path to follow is an important decision, but with so many options on offer, it’s never been easier to find something that’s right for you.

At Knowsley Community College we are lining up even more course choices for 16-18-year-olds who are taking their next steps in September, as well as anyone looking to switch from a current course that isn’t quite right for them.

The new courses will cover a diverse range of sectors and will add to our broad mix of existing Vocational/BTEC and Apprenticeship options.

Launching at our Main Campus (Stockbridge Lane), the new course choices include business, catering, public and uniformed services and science.

Meanwhile, our IAMTech Campus (Princess Drive) is adding bricklaying and electrical engineering courses to its curriculum, which already boasts options such as mechanical engineering, plumbing and construction.

Take a look at our new courses and find something new for you:

Can’t find something to suit you here? Take a look at our full list of courses here.