Picture of our student, Rachel

Mum of two, Rachel, always wanted to train to become a Midwife but chose a different path after leaving school, as she hadn’t achieved the GCSE maths grade needed to apply for university.

Speaking of her journey to midwifery, Rachel said, “After having my two children and experiencing first-hand the amazing job that midwives do, I felt inspired to finally chase my dream career!”

She added, “I phoned the College for advice and they recommended that I complete the maths GCSE first and then move on to the Access to HE course. When I attended an enrolment event, the staff were lovely and approachable, which made me even more sure that this was the right decision.”

Although initially feeling a little nervous about returning to education, Rachel soon found her feet and enjoyed the whole learning experience. She commented, “My tutors and classmates were an amazing additional support throughout the course. Although it can be quite intense at times fitting College around work and family life, I feel it has been a great way to prepare for university.”

Rachel encourages those who may be considering returning to education but are worried about the cost, to explore their options, saying, “I funded my Access to HE course with an Advanced Learner Loan, which you only start to pay back once you earn over £26,575. Once I have completed my degree, the loan for my course will be written off and I will not have to pay towards this, which is so reassuring when I’m re-training in a new career with a young family to support too.”

Since completing her Access to HE course, Rachel has been offered an unconditional place at Liverpool John Moores University to study midwifery. She said, “I’m so proud of what I achieved so far and I cannot wait to complete my degree and fulfil my dream of working on a maternity ward.”

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