Up to one in ten people has a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia. Dyslexia is a mix of difficulties and strengths which often include reading, writing, organisation and short term memory. Common strengths can often be problem-solving, creativity and lateral thinking. Dyslexia is life-long, but its effects can be minimised by targeted literacy intervention, technological support and adaptations to ways of working and learning. Many learners with dyslexia learn successfully without any additional support.

If you do require additional support this could include:

  • Screening assessments to identify learning support needs
  • One to one support teaching by a specialist tutor in dyslexia
  • Study skills group support sessions
  • Training in assistive technology
  • Access arrangements and adjustments for exams
  • Guidance for course tutors and staff development about including learners with dyslexia
  • Liaison with external agencies.