To help staff and students of Knowsley Community College connect to the eduroam wireless network, this page provides instructions for connecting from a Google Android device. These instructions should be followed whilst on campus at Knowsley Community College.

Visitors to Knowsley Community College who wish to use eduroam should have already setup their device based on their home site’s instructions before visiting.

Android Devices running Android 4.2 or later

If you’re running Android 4.4 (KitKat), 5.0 (Lollipop) or 6.0 (Marshmallow) you can have your device automatically configured with all the correct settings by following these instructions.

Download eduroam CAT app from Google Play Store

From the Google Play Store download and install the eduroam CAT app on your Android device. If you have already previously tried to set up your eduroam connection on this device the app will tell you what settings you currently are missing. To setup eduroam you will need to install the KCC profile in the next step.


Download the eduroam profile configuration file

From your device browse to this page and select one of the following profiles depending on your Android device:

You will need to save the download file to your device, do this by right clicking on the link and selecting save as or with your touchscreen device: press and hold down on a link and select download.

The profile should download to your device. Open the profile and it should either install it automatically in the eduroam CAT app, or you may be prompted to “Instal Configuration File” which you should select. You should now be able to see the profile listed under the “PROFILES” tab as shown below.

Install eduroam configuration file with eduroam CAT

Once you have installed the eduroam CAT app and have downloaded the eduroam profile configuration file to your device, you are ready to install the configuration file. Select the 3 vertical dots in the top right of the eduroam CAT app and choose Select Config File from the dropdown menu.

You can view the configuration file summary in the eduroam CAT app.

Go to the install tab and enter your college username and password, then press the install button.

Eduroam config install

The eduroam wifi network will now appear in the list of wireless networks on your Android device.