Knowsley Community College Mechanical Engineering student, Mateusz secured an impressive apprenticeship with esteemed engineering company, Beverston Engineering.

Mateusz Kicinski

Mateusz, from Page Moss, completed his GCSEs at Lord Derby Academy before progressing onto the level 2 Mechanical Engineering at Knowsley Community College.

As his level 2 qualification neared completion Mateusz began to review his options and started to look at alternative study options, with an apprenticeship being his preferred choice.

With help and support from his College tutor, Mateusz began his search for an apprenticeship programme in engineering. Whilst looking for the perfect apprenticeship Mateusz decided to progress onto the level 3 Mechanical Engineering course to further develop his skills and knowledge to help his prospects of gaining an interview.

Speaking about his search, he said, “My tutor Bernie was very supportive with the whole process and even helped me ring around some engineering companies for vacancies until I secured an interview.” One week into his level 3 course Mateusz received news that he had secured an interview with local company, Beverston Engineering.

Mateusz impressed Rod Wah, Managing Director at Beverston Engineering, who immediately offered him a position, welcoming him into a team of seven. The following week Mateusz began his apprenticeship.

Just six months in, Mateusz has already made a great impact and was rewarded with the responsibility of operating his own CNC machinery, showing his dedication to the role.

In his role as Mechanical Engineer Apprentice, Mateusz makes components for aerospace machinery for Rolls Royce. Safety and accuracy form a critical requirement of the components manufactured.

Mechanical Engineering tutor, Bernie Manning, spoke about his progress saying, “It is great to see Mateusz excelling in the workplace. To gain an apprenticeship with an esteemed Engineering manufacturer is a great achievement and shows his dedication to the industry in which he began his studies in”.

Beverston Engineering, based in Knowsley is a world class manufacturer specialising in the prototyping and manufacture of state of the art engineering components for a wide range of industries. These include aerospace, oil and gas and pharmaceutical industries for companies such as Rolls Royce.

Speaking about his apprenticeship, Mateusz said, “My apprenticeship works for me! It has allowed me to learn quickly and gain skills whilst working for well-known companies and big brands such as Rolls Royce. The equipment and machinery I use in the workshop at college also prepares me for the work I do in my role.”

Managing Director, Rod Wah, commented on his apprentices, saying, “The majority of our apprentices have proven to be more versatile and a better fit for our business, as we get to train them in how we would like them to work. Picking the right apprentice is important. Beverston Engineering previously took apprentices straight from school but our preference now is to take them when they have had a year in college as they have a solid grounding and a basic knowledge that we can build on. The college also gets to vet any potential apprentices for us as they know what we want in a future employee.”

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